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Discovering Dinosaurs - Introduction To French

This room is 4.5-5 years and labeled as are pre-kinder room. It has a maximum of 20 children and two Educators. This room is the next room up from the 3-5 preschool rooms. This room takes on a more academic approach to teaching. These children are all going to fall in the following year and they are working on being sure they are on track socially and academically for the approaching school year. The Educators in this room take the Alberta Child Care kindergarten curriculum and make it learnable for their classroom. This room is all about teaching independence and problem solving skills. This classroom works on French language skills and small sentences. Children must be potty-trained and of age in order to be in this classroom.

Jody Manwarren- Child Development Supervisor

Elisa - Child Development Worker Support Staff

Genevieve - Child Development Supervisor