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Honey Bunnies 19-35 Months

This room is 19-35 months with a maximum of 12 children and two Educators. This room is the next room up from the 0-19 month room. These rooms concentrate on potty training and helping the children learn the proper way to express all the new feelings that they now are learning. This room is always teaching new social skills and are busy rooms. They are adapting to the new interests and emerging language that 19-35months are learning. They have started a small routine with scheduled gym time and outdoor play along with some bigger activities if the attention is there. Naptime is from 12-2 on small cots that they sleep on in the room. If the child requires extra comfort during that time blankets, stuffies and soothers are provided from home.

Elizabeth Lees-Child Development Worker

Mary Joy - Child Development Supervisor